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Car stickers

- Feb 10, 2018 -

Car appearance is equivalent to people's clothes, and car stickers is the most intuitive, most eye-catching, the simplest body fashion! People will follow different occasions, different needs, different tastes to choose clothing, car stickers also have many kinds.

First from the paste position to distinguish: usually include the side of the body, front and rear, hood, lamp eyebrow, skirt edge, wheel, more some do the whole body surrounded, can be said from the car body position on the vehicle stickers all over the car thoughtfulness as long as the existing regulations permitted within the scope of the reasonable creation, can indulge in the interpretation of the owner's personality hobby.

From the production process to differentiate: the type of car stickers according to the production process is divided into three major categories:

1, carving class, with a carving machine to different colors of the back stickers into various shapes of cutting, and then the different colors of the glue paper superimposed, beautiful car stickers on the good.

2, printing, printing good die-cutting, the process is relatively simple, but the need for large, otherwise the cost is too high!

3, inkjet or spray engraved in one category, inkjet photo after the die-cutting, if it is a direct injection of the finished product, but this type of car paste has a weakness, can not surface laminating, resulting in color relative to the carving and printing, easy to fade.

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