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How to choose Self-adhesive Label Sticker

- Feb 10, 2018 -

1. For cylinders, especially the diameter is less than 30MM, carefully selected materials.

2. If the label size is too large or too small, should pay attention to the actual test.

3. If the patch is irregular surface or even spherical, for the label material type, thickness and adhesive have specific considerations.

4. Some rough surface such as corrugated box will affect the labeling, corrugated box surface of the light oil will also have an impact.

5. Automatic Labeling machine label, if necessary, can carry out labeling test.

6. Even if the label is at ambient temperature labeling, pay attention to the export of transportation and use in the experience of high temperature.

7. Many water or oil environment will affect the characteristics of viscose, should pay attention to the label labeling environment and temperature.

8. Soft PVC surface can sometimes have plasticizer seepage, pay special attention to choose the right adhesive.

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