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Metal Stickers How is the processing done? Metal labeling process description

- May 28, 2018 -

The process of peeling the electroplated layer on the surface of the electroplated part as a product is called an electroforming process. The label produced by the electroforming process is called an electroformed label. Metal stickers are a new generation of signage. With its unique advantages, it is prevalent in the countries of Japan and South Korea, and the South of China is also more popular.

First, the characteristics of electroformed metal stickers

The most important feature of electroforming stickers is that there is no carrier. In the past, a variety of labels were used to make the characters and patterns displayed on the labels on the carrier, and then used different heights, different degrees of reflection (light and matte), and different colors to distinguish the subjects and carriers of the labels. To achieve the purpose of highlighting the subject. Since electroformed stickers have no carrier, the contents shown on the label are all the main body, and these main contents are directly affixed to the target object, and are dissolved as one with the target object without any extra feeling. The effect displayed by the sticker is very prominent and complete. This is unmatched in the past with various signs.

The second feature of electroformed labels is the simplicity of the process. Since electroforming is used for production without any molds, only one film is needed for the entire production process. Save money and save time. After the production unit receives the order, it can generally produce samples on the same day and can produce products on the next day. The entire production process requires only a screen printing platform, oven, exposure machine, plating tanks and other basic equipment.

The third feature of electro-formed stickers is a slight degree of environmental pollution. Compared with other methods for producing metal signs, electroformed labels have the slightest degree of environmental pollution. Because: First, it does not have to be corroded, so there is no pollution in the etching; second, it needs about 1/7 of the area of the conventional signage, so the electroforming sign is only 1/7 of the pollution of conventional electroplated signage. And the wastewater is a simple sulfate wastewater that is easy to handle.

Provincial materials are also characteristics of electroforming stickers. Because there is no carrier, it has been tested that using the same size metal sign, only 1/7 of the material produced by the embossing (etching) method can be produced using the electroforming method.

Second, the use of electroforming signs

Electroformed labels are cast from copper, nickel and gold. Bright surface, smooth periphery, accurate graphics, and excellent weather resistance. Therefore, the electroformed label is a high-grade sign. Electroforming sign production process is simple and the price is not high. Therefore, people said: Electroformed signage is not a high-priced, high-grade sign. With its strong adhesive, it is very easy to use, so it has a very wide range of uses. It is particularly suitable for nameplates and decorative plates for small and medium-sized light industrial products such as metal surfaces, paint surfaces, plastics, wood, and leather. The use of electroforming process combined with refractive, three-dimensional, crystal glue and other techniques can play a more unique effect.

Third, the electroforming mark production process

The production process of electroformed labels is: electroplating, peeling and gluing

1. Shaiban: The electroformed master plate is made of stainless steel plate which is easy to be stripped after plating. After being deoiled and washed, it is printed with a photo-induced image-resistance electroplating resist. After the plate is developed, post-exposure treatment is performed to increase the resistance of the resist. Plating.

2. Electroforming: The treated stainless steel plate with the image is clamped with a special fixture and placed in a fast electroforming nickel cell for electroforming. The time and current of electroforming depend on the area and thickness of the object to be cast.

3.  Peeling: The cast stainless steel plate is washed and dried, and then the plated text and pattern are completely peeled off with a transfer film.

4. Gluing: There are two methods: First, use the screen printing method to print the self-adhesive screen on the back of the electroformed characters and patterns. After drying, the two can be used. Second, the adhesive is first printed on the transfer paper. In the above, after drying, the electroformed characters and patterns on the transfer film are attached to the adhesive film, and after pressing, the adhesive film is transferred to the back of the electroformed characters and patterns.

The electro-formed label is a new beginning in China. Its excellent features and wide-ranging uses have created strong business opportunities. It is hoped that colleagues will have a good opportunity to share the fruits.


Outdoor travel must know knowledge of backpack


First, choose a backpack and free your hands

Imagine that you are walking in the jungle. You have luggage in your left and right hands, and the difficulty of going forward is not only what you can imagine but also the danger. If you are using a backpack that can hold all your luggage in, then it is another situation. You will feel that the jungle crossing is a very easy thing. Remember this principle: Travel outdoors, choose a backpack, free your hands!

Second, large backpacks and small backpacks

There are many kinds of backpacks, small backpacks for a day trip, medium-sized backpacks for a few days, and backpacks for long-distance travel. Choosing a backpack that suits you is a key to success and enjoyment. Under normal circumstances, if it is a short trip for a day trip, you can choose a small backpack under 20 liters; if it is a week or so travel, you need a medium-sized backpack that can hold a sleeping bag, 30-50 liters is good It is necessary to have a large backpack (or even a back frame) with a capacity of 60 liters or more for professional hoarders who wish to travel long distances.

Third, the pocket is very good

For things that are often needed during walking, such as compasses, knives, pens, wallets, and other small items, it would be very inconvenient to put them in a backpack. If you have a pocket, it would be too convenient.

Packing method of the backpack: the size of the goods placed on the left and right balance center of gravity.

First, classified placement

Because of the large volume of the backpack, if the items are put directly into the backpack, it is not easy to distinguish them when they are taken out. Therefore, it is best to back more than a few plastic bags, tableware, food, medicine and other different types of goods put together into the package. The Red Passenger Store has a lot of waterproof and compression bags that are more convenient to use.

Second, balance is important

During the process of walking, if the weight of the backpack is not balanced, it is easy for people to lose the center. This not only wastes physical strength, but also causes danger. Therefore, when loading the bag, try to make the back and right sides equal in weight.

Third, focus on

Most people tend to think that heavy things should of course be placed below, but they are not. When hiking, the weight of the backpack is often several tens of pounds. If the center of gravity is lower, the weight of the entire backpack will be on the hips and waist of the traveler, and it will easily cause the fatigue of the traveler. Therefore, the center of gravity is not suitable for long distances. Walking. The correct method is to place light things such as sleeping bags and clothes underneath, tools, cameras and other heavy objects on top. In this way, the center of gravity of the backpack will move upwards, and most of the weight of the backpack will be on the shoulders. People will not feel tired

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