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The development trend of the label

- Feb 10, 2018 -

1. Worldwide, the use of packaging containers such as glass containers and cans is decreasing, and the application of plastic containers is increasing, which will result in the redistribution of market share of various label products.

2. In-mold labeling will be moderately increased.

The increase in the use of lightweight glass bottles to increase the volume of shrink film labeling, PET bottles with the use of plastic labels will rapidly increase the use of glass and plastic containers of self-adhesive labels added value and application will be further expanded.

3. Variable information (such as text, bar code, data, batches, prices and weights) of the rapid increase in printing equipment, will facilitate the development of variable information labels.

4. Non-paper and reel printing is the fastest growing.

5. Digital design and imaging technology, as well as new developments in new materials, production technology more and more digital.

6. The growth of new composite printing technologies.

7. Environmental issues are increasingly being taken seriously.

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