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BS5609 Labels

- Jul 14, 2018 -

BS5609 is a recognized British standard for pressure sensitive labels applied to dangerous goods transported by sea. Its regulations seek to minimize the environmental damage that may result from lost or damaged chemical containers.

Section two of the BS5609 standard rates the performance of self-adhesive label stocks in terms of sea immersion, dimensional stability, adhesion, artificial weathering, temperature cycling and color fastness. Section three relates to the durability of label printing.


BS5609 Compliant Labels

Labelling of chemicals - general

Labelling of chemicals, or mixtures of chemicals, can take many forms, for example products may have the information pre printed on the packaging i.e. a blister pack or the chemical container itself, or by addition of a separate self adhesive label.

High volume labelling

Large volumes of the same chemical/mixture are likely to be labelled during manufacture using a filling line with an automated labelling station. The labels used will be pre printed with the relevant information and designed specifically for high speed labelling applications. This is not an area that we will cover here.

Small volume labelling

At the other end of the scale, run lengths of typically 10000 items or less, the labelling issues have in the past been addressed by pre printing the fixed information including blank warning diamonds onto labels and adding the variable data specific to the substance/mixture by black thermal transfer overprinting.

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