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Custom Design Digital Print Clear Transparent Background Stickers

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Clear Stickers (also referred to as transparent stickers) are a hardwearing, waterproof vinyl sticker with no coloured background. These are great for printing complex shaped logos onto simple shapes such as circle, oval, square or rectangle, as non-printed areas will show through the colour of the surface the sticker is applied to.

All of our clear stickers have the following benefits:


Full colour, high resolution digital printing

Strong adhesion

Water resistant


No setup or design fees


Transparent or clear stickers and labels are perfect for food, product packaging and bottle labeling or any requirement where only the printed graphics are visible on the label, and the product or background can be seen through the unprinted parts of the clear vinyl. Printed on either gloss or matt vinyl, contour cut to any shape or size, with a white underpin available for added opaqueness. Our clear stickers and labels are very durable, waterproof and UV stable for longevity.


Can be used for clear window stickers, great for shop front graphics as the clear background of the sticker doesn't block the view of the shop inside.


These clear stickers have an adhesive backing on either the front or back, which enables you to face mount the stickers to the inside of windows.

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