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Double Sided Window Decals

- Jul 28, 2018 -

Adhesive side is printed in mirror as that stick to glass wall for reading from outside. outer side is printed just straight. Outer part can made writable by having writable lamination or you can have standard aqueous finish. Double Sided Labels are durable as they are made of vinyl material. It has full colour printing option on both sides


Maximize the space of your product label, window stickers and more with double sided printing. Not only double sided labels save space and allow you to convey twice as much information, they are also very economical and save money by reducing the paper.


Since double sided labels make use of both sides of the paper and can be viewed from the front and back, they come in several varieties. You can choose to print different image on each side, such as the “Push and Pullmessage for example, or print the same image on both sides of a transparent material and make the message visible from either direction.


Whether you need to expose promotional message on your shop window or provide extra information on the back of the label of your product packagings such as usage instructions, nutritional facts, recipes, unique codes if you organize win games and more, our double sided labels can help you fulfill your endeavours.


Not sure which is the best material for your double sided labels? Let our dedicated customer team help you in choosing the best and most cost effective double sided printing solution for your needs.


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