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Flexo Printing

- Feb 10, 2018 -

The current Flexo printing quality is no less than Offsctdruckereien, even have its unique place. The advantages of this printing process is simple machine structure, low cost, printing quality can be compared with offset printing, gravure printing, and has a thicker than the advantages of printing ink layer, Flexo printing using water-based inks and UV inks, do not pollute the environment. But because the flexibility of the flexible version of the larger, halftoning reproducibility and gravure and ordinary letterpress different, flexo printing of high light to the center of the dot increase, printing contrast small, high light level prone to fault, in the printing of fine graphics and text labels, in order to make up for the level of defects, the high light part can be used FM outlets, Darkened or intermediate call amplitude modulation to increase the net to improve the quality. There is no Flexo printing machine Label Printing factory can introduce special to self-adhesive label printing cascade narrow Flexo printing presses, which is suitable for film label printing.

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