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Label Printing Creates New Opportunities For Industry

- Feb 10, 2018 -

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, especially in the label printing category, along with the "Food Safety law" and "green food packaging general principles" of the implementation, I believe that everyone's eyes will inevitably turn to environmental label printing. In addition to Flexo printing, there is also a force to be ignored-the cloud tag. Now the cloud concept of deepening, cloud concept and the integration of the integration of the All-in-one tag-Cloud label, also beginning gradually into the label Printing International.

But for the development of cloud labels, how to meet market demand? In this Wu Dongjie, it is considered that the most important thing in the process of production application is to ensure the integrity and security of the data, and to have a convenient way to verify the query when using it. In addition, many functions need to be integrated into the cloud tag, so it can lead the trend of the label industry.

In addition, the cost advantage will also promote the rapid development and application of cloud label to some extent. Wu Dongjie said Xin source industry in the cloud label production has multiple imports of high-precision, efficient flexo and digital equipment, can be traditional printing equipment and digital inkjet equipment perfect integration, thus the greatest degree of streamlining process. To enable a cloud tag to achieve multiple label functions, reduce manufacturing costs and post labeling costs.

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