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Physical Label

- May 13, 2018 -

The physical tag is a brief tag that indicates the name, weight, volume, and purpose of the article. There are traditional print labels and modern barcode print labels.

Application scope:

Packaging: Taro labels, postal parcels, letter packages, shipping goods labels, envelope address labels.

Electrical appliances: mobile phone internal labels, various electrical appliances labels, laptop labels, and electromechanical product labels.

Products: price tags, product description tags, shelf labels, bar code labels, and drug labels.

Management: book labels, vehicle inspection labels, security labels, property labels.

Office: document document labels, file preservation labels, various items and stationery labels.

Production: labeling of raw materials, labeling of processed products, labeling of finished products, inventory management labels.

Chemicals: Marking of paint materials, marking of gasoline engine oil products, and marking of various special solvent products.

Others: Anti-counterfeiting labels, encryption labels, security labels.

Jewelry: Labels for jewellery tags, tags that are not easily affixed to the product.

Clothing: clothing tag, washed labels.

Airport: Boarding pass, baggage tag.

Tickets: train tickets, coach tickets.

Food: alcohol labels, food labels.

Others: parking tickets, highway toll tickets.

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