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Piano Keyboard Stickers

- Jul 20, 2018 -

Young learners/Kids need a visual reference point on the keys to feel confident in their initial lessons and to get a good start; the written notes is just too confusing for them.


Piano key decals are a great way to help you learn. Piano Key Finders make the keyboard look less intimidating, encourages you to play, and has taught many to play music. They will not damage your keyboard and easily come off as well.


Some users complain that the ink on these stickers wears-of over time. On some of the inexpensive ones, it may, if you place them lower down the key so that its directly under your fingers. But then, its also intentional because you don’t want those stickers to be there forever (after few months the student is expected to remember the names of the notes). The expensive ones however are more durable and lasts for a much longer time.


To attach these, you first need to clean and dry all the keys, to remove dust, grime) and then stick the stickers one by one on the keys of the piano keyboard.

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