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Reflective Stickers For Safety Custom Design Digital Printing Reflective Stickers

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Our reflective stickers are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and should last up to seven years. Perfect for security stickers, safety labels, marking of sports equipment and vehicles, the reflective stickers become intensely reflective and bright in dark environments when hit with headlights or a flash light. Printed on seven-year 3M reflective vinyl with permanent solvent adhesive, these stickers will stick very aggressively to most flat smooth surfaces and won't come off easily! The surfaces they can be permanently adhered to include glass, metals, certain plastics, and fiber panels. The nature of reflective vinyl material makes them very sticky and hard to remove, with possible damage and peeling of top layers on some parts, especially custom made and finished, so we advise to only use if you’re planning to keep it there for a long time and aren’t afraid of damaging the surface during removal. To greater extend outdoor durability, especially on moving vehicles like ATVs, RVs, bikes, trailers, and snowmobiles, we offer an optional clear gloss 3M laminate layer that will extend sticker scratch and abrasion resistance.

Starting with included rectangular shapes and sizes, we also offer custom die cutting, allowing for many contour cut shapes – from ovals, squares and circles, to a truly custom die cutting of any single shape you need (if included in your design file)

Die cut reflective stickers.jpg

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