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Screen Printing

- Feb 10, 2018 -

Screen printing is the most adaptable to the printing of the substrate, at present, there are many screen printing plants using low-cost screen printing equipment forwarders self-adhesive label and film label Printing business. Screen printing label is characterized by thick ink, strong sense of three-dimensional, UV ink can be used to print film products. In addition to a handful of rotary screen printing equipment can be competent to roll label printing, most of the screen printing equipment for semi-automatic flat screen printing machine, can only print a single product, Overprinter precision is not high, not suitable for production lines and production equipment supporting the film label.

Mass production of self-adhesive labels should be solved from raw material manufacturing.

Self-adhesive backing paper is self-adhesive bottom paper printed on the back of the paper, the sticker on the back of the printed text. Usually the purpose is to roll the printed label, need to do on the back of the electric Eye induction recognition, which for thick cardboard and transparent self-adhesive especially suitable for, for example, the printing of clothing tag, train ticket printing.

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