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The Development Of Green Printing In China

- Feb 10, 2018 -

In recent decades, China's printing industry has made remarkable achievements, but compared with developed countries, there are still some gaps, especially in the advanced printing technology and printing equipment application, printing design patterns and concepts. In the area of green printing, many countries are actively working towards the direction required by the international environmental organizations, and in contrast, our country has lagged behind in this regard, with the following problems.

(1) Although in recent years people's awareness of environmental protection generally increased, the printing industry's understanding of green printing has made great progress in the past few years, but for various reasons, most printing enterprises still lack the courage to practise, talk much, do less, the effect is not good.

(2) Some of the national environmental standards related to packaging and printing are recommended standards and are not enforced.

(3) The printing industry has certain particularity, the production uses the auxiliary material to be very many, the search and the elimination source of pollution is very difficult. Moreover, the environmental awareness of the suppliers and the environmental protection of the materials also directly affect the development of green printing work.

(4) China's printing industry has entered the era of meager profit, small and medium-sized printing enterprises can not bear the implementation of green printing of the additional investment costs.

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