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The Future Development Trend Of Packaging And Printing Industry

- Feb 10, 2018 -

1, packaging and printing market E-commerce in the first clue

Many packaging and printing enterprises through Third-party E-commerce platform (micro-letter, QQ, Weibo, etc.) to achieve a further expansion of the business market, E-commerce has become an important information exchange platform between enterprises.

Hurricane network focused on the advantages of the industry resources and technical support, has received more than 100 international brand printing equipment strong Support, Hurricane network will also become China's green printing equipment, the first platform of electricity

2, Network Printing mode PK traditional printing

A large number of personalized printing requirements to promote the application of cloud printing technology. Compared with the traditional printing methods, cloud printing can achieve personalized customization, at any time under a single, fast delivery, because the use of network technology to optimize production links, reduce production costs, can effectively save the paper cost for customers.

"The network Printing" becomes the printing industry new technical commanding heights and the profit growth point, after "The cloud printing" the business model along with "The cloud computing Age" has brought the new transformation to the printing industry.

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