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The Work Of Developing Green Printing

- Feb 10, 2018 -

1. Enhanced advocacy to move green printing from the conceptual phase to the operational stage

To get more people to understand green printing, it is very important and meaningful to know the importance of green printing. First of all, the relevant government departments should carry out various forms of education, and establish an effective mechanism to encourage the operation of environmental printing enterprises and environmental printing production, so that there is a good development environment. Second, the industry media should shoulder the responsibility of publicity, in addition to publicity in magazines, newspapers, can also organize exchanges to promote the enterprise.

2. Developing green printing process

(1) Improvement and selection of printing materials

The development and use of green printing materials is the guarantee of the final realization of green printing. The following aspects deserve our attention.

First of all, ink manufacturers should increase environmental-friendly ink research and development, printing enterprises should increase the use of environmental-friendly ink. Printing ink is currently the largest source of pollution, the environmental impact is very large, the global annual ink-induced organic volatile (VOC) emissions have reached hundreds of thousands of tons. In addition, in the printing of food, drugs, toys and other products packaging, the harmful ingredients in the ink will directly endanger the health of consumers. Therefore, the adoption of environmentally friendly ink is a key step to reduce the damage of printing production to the environment. We should discard the traditional solvent-based inks, and actively develop and use environmental-friendly inks, such as water-based inks and vegetable oil base inks.

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