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Transfer Die Cut Decals Outdoor Use

- Jul 26, 2018 -

transfer stickers.JPG

Transfer Stickers, sometimes called cut-out stickers, are made by printing your design on white vinyl and then cutting and removing the background from the design. These decals are then easily applied using transfer tape


Self-adhesive vinyl letters and numbers stick to any clean smooth surface and can be used for all types of vehicles: cars, vans, motorbikes, bicycles, caravans & motorhomes, lorries, boats, ski jets, etc.

It's great for advertising your business or club branding, contact details, personalized texts - the possibilities are endless.

Moonstar Printing is UV ink printing, decals is waterproof UV resistant for outdoor use 5-8 years.

Customized design ,digital printing,fast lead time, express shipping.Do our best for you.

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